Don’t be a Target of Opportunity
Every year, there are hundreds of incidents where the safety of American citizens is compromised. Route Recon allows you to pre-plan your trip by entering choke points, danger areas, and streets where you shouldn’t travel down.
Add Your Intel
Preplan your trip by adding known hotspots and intel onto the map.
Route Recon will then select the safest route based upon the information you enter.
Add various landmarks such as prominent buildings, landscape features, or other geographical locations which will enable you to navigate to your destination in case you get separated from your party.
Works Without Cell Phone Service
Route Recon will continue to work even if you’ve lost cell phone service while on your trip.
You will still be able to navigate to your intended destination on the pre-determined path.
Route Recon uses industry-standard security measures to protect user profiles, data, and travel information. We make sure that our code is immune against reverse engineering and that all gateways are secured.
Once you part ways with a party member, you can remove their ability to view your position on the map. If their cell phone should fall into unfriendly hands, they won’t know where your exact location is - or that you traveled with them prior.
Have the Tactical Advantage
Route Recon gives you the tactical advantage that will help keep your party safe and prevent any threats before they occur. The ability to maintain situational awareness when out and about is critical to keeping you and your party members safe and secure.
How it works
Enter your starting point and destination, then add any intel, landmarks, or areas you would like to avoid. Route Recon will then plan your trip and enable you and your party to navigate around the trouble spots where danger could lurk. You can also add landmarks which will serve as a navigation guide in case you get lost.
Once the route has been entered there is no need for cell or internet service. Route Recon will work based on GPS alone…
IF you lose cell phone service, then route recon will still work via GPS.
Route Recon is Great For:
Traveling abroad in known hotspot areas is always a risk no matter how carefully you pre-plan. Even when following the best of OPSEC procedures, the slightest miscalculation can have devastating consequences.
Route Recon gives you extra piece of mind knowing that you’ve done your due diligence to avoid high threat environments. It allows all members of your party to know each other’s whereabouts in real-time and can help you navigate to a safe zone in the event of an emergency.
At any given time, the State Department has over 200 active travel advisories for multiple countries throughout the world. Why leave anything to chance? Route Recon will give you and your family members an extra layer of added security that will allow you to focus on enjoying your vacation - instead of worrying if you’ve accidentally ventured into an unsafe area.
You can instantly see where your children on the Route Recon map in real time. No more guessing or wondering if they’re home safe for the night.
Emergency Management
Route Recon isn’t just about traveling safely abroad. It’s also helpful in emergency management situations such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, or anything Mother Nature conjures up. Instantly be able to locate and reunite with loved ones who have the app installed on their phone.
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